My sons are Jewish
The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

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I accepted Jesus Christ as a child, but being brought up with Christian teaching, I took a lot for granted. I moved far away from God as a teen and set out to find “truth” for myself. I was always exploring different theologies and philosophies. God called me back after a failed marriage and a life full of self inflicted pain and loneliness. Even though I had abandoned Him, He did not abandon me. God had a purpose for me.

But by that time, I was confused and needed to sort things out. Even after God showed Himself to me, I didn’t really know who He was anymore. I wanted to think that all the religions knew the One God—I wanted to believe in the “politically correct God.” God took me far away from all that was familiar in order to bring me home.

I was moved out of the country to the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. In Trinidad, I was able to examine many different beliefs firsthand. I initially wanted to write a book that would show how people of all cultures and religions really shared the same God. After diligent research—talking to people of many religions, reading books, going to classes—I did find the truth. I found the One True God, the God who accepted me as a child, never forgot me, and showed me the whole truth. I came to understand that the Word of God is the only Truth and that He is the only God.

Through all my searching, God gave me Mitch, a Jewish man—all as part of His plan for me. I agreed to raise our two sons as Jews even though I didn’t really understand how and why I should agree to such a thing, as this was against my own religion and the way I was brought up. How could I turn my back on my own religion? What I didn’t understand at the time, I now understand as God’s plan for my life.
Paula Clayman
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