"Who is Jewish?" The debate has raged within Judaism for centuries. Do my father and mother both need to be Jewish in order for me to be Jewish? Is being Jewish a nationality or a religion? Is it both? The questions generated by the discussion continue to be pondered. Paula Clayman has entered the discussion with a thought-provoking book that details her own perspective within that dialogue.

Paula's book has a valid seat at the table of this ongoing debate. As in many Talmudic discussions, there are always differing opinions. On most subjects, you not only have a majority and a minority opinion, but you can argue whether the majority or the minority should be considered correct.

My Sons Are Jewish will definitely add to the discussion, but I am encouraged to recommend the book on another practical level. One of the great weaknesses in both the Jewish and Christian faiths is the lack of education our children receive regarding the chronological timeline of the Scriptures themselves. When you question most of the Judeo-Christian children of America, you will be alarmed at their lack of clarity concerning Biblical heroes and when they lived on the earth. The importance of this subject is paramount because without that knowledge, you lose the perspective of God's dealing with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

Jewish kids need it because it is their heritage. Christian kids need it because without it they can become blind to the calling of God upon modern-day Israel and the Jewish people. This book presents a concise overview of this history and helps the reader establish in his or her own mind an accurate summary of God's love for and His dealings with the Jewish people.

It draws Yeshua (Jesus) and His disciples back into that history, without which the New Covenant makes no sense! Yeshua did not suddenly appear in a vacuum. He entered the earth as a Jewish man in Israel. He lived, struggled, and died as a Jew among His own people, who were in bondage to Rome at the time. Reading this book will solidify your knowledge of Biblical history as you endeavor to convey this knowledge to your children and friends. It will also give you a spectator's view at the table as the discussion over "Who is a Jew" continues.

Rabbi Richard Freeman
Congregation Beth Messiah
Houston, TX


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