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My Sons Are Jewish is such an important book for all who follow Jesus as Messiah. Not only does Paula help us to understand the authentic origins of our faith, but her wonderful book also helps us to know our Lord Jesus Christ in an environment that attempts to conform Him into another image. That it also educates us regarding the Jewish people and their original calling makes it a wonderful tool for those born from above to intercede for and understand the Jewish people and the nation of Israel today. Therefore, I whole heartedly recommend My Sons Are Jewish.

Great job Paula!

Don Schwarz
Executive Director,
Watch Therefore Ministries Inc.
Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church Pearland
Author, Identity Crisis Israel And The Church
My Sons Are Jewish is a thought-provoking book that asks very real questions for todayís interfaith families and marriages (Jews and Gentiles). Paula Clayman has penned thoughts on both sides of the spectrum with the flow of Jewish History and her own family experiences.My Sons are Jewish is a must-read to help in understanding a Jewish home and the Christian faith.

Rabbi Aaronson
Congregation Beth Messiah
Houston ,TX
It is said the most difficult role anyone can undertake is that ofa parent. Given both the demands and the distractions facing children today, parents must be united in the arduous process of shaping the young lives entrusted to them. For those homes in which the father is Jewish and the mother is Christian, author Paula Clayman lays out a thoughtful, systematic argument intended to unite the familyís faith identity. The book, My Sons are Jewish, may very well bring these families closer together.

Marcus Ryan
Ph.D in Communication
Author, Restless Journey: Every Manís Struggle for Significance
Paula has done an excellent job of proving the unbroken continuity of Godís program of redemption and worship for sinful humankind. What God demanded in the Old Testament Scriptures in types and shadows of the ceremonial law, He provided in the redemption through the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Paulaís detailed analysis shows Godís eternal plan has been carried out just as He has promised.

Reverend Mike Hager
Faith Missionary Baptist Church
St. Albans, WV
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