Table of Contents



Introduction Identity


Book 1           Humanity’s Relationship With God


Chapter 1      The First Monotheist

Chapter 2      Adam Knew God

Chapter 3     The First Sacrifice—The Covering

Chapter 4      Adam’s Legacy

Chapter 5     Adam’s Descendants Walked with God

Chapter 6      The Cord Unbroken Through Noah

Chapter 7     A Foreshadowing in the Blessing to Abraham


Book 2           The Story of the Jews


Chapter 8      From Adam to Abraham

Chapter 9      Melchizedek

Chapter 10    Abraham’s Contemporaries Knew of God

Chapter 11    All Nations Will Be Blessed Through Abraham

Chapter 12    The Binding of Isaac

Chapter 13    The Sacrifice

Chapter 14    The Hebrews and the Semites

Chapter 15    The Hebrew’s Genetic Heritage

Chapter 16    The Birthright

Chapter 17    The Struggle

Chapter 18    The Israelites

Chapter 19    Moses

Chapter 20    Worship in the Desert

Chapter 21    The 12 Tribes of the Inheritance

Chapter 22    Possession of Canaan

Chapter 23    The Israelites Warned

Chapter 24    The Cord and the Promise Continued

Chapter 25   The Kingdom Divided

Chapter 26    Elijah

Chapter 27    The Kings of Israel

Chapter 28    The Lost Tribes

Chapter 29    The Kings of Judah

Chapter 30    Judah Invaded

Chapter 31    The Remnant Returned—The Jews

Chapter 32    The Greco-Roman Abominations

Chapter 33    Jewish Factions

Book 3           The Jewish Messiah


Chapter 34    The Birth and Death of Yeshua

Chapter 35    The Blessing Is Brought to the Nations

Chapter 36    The Temple Destroyed


Book 4          Who Is a Jew?


Chapter 37    The Jewish Dichotomy

Chapter 38    The Identity Crises

Chapter 39   Who Is a Jew?

Chapter 40    The Case for Religion

Chapter 41    The Bond

Chapter 42    Maternal Inheritance

Chapter 43    Israel’s

Chapter 44    Disinherited Jews

Chapter 45    The Children of the Covenant


Book 5           Teach Our Children


Chapter 46    The Cord

Chapter 47   Teach Our Children the Ways of God

Chapter 48    I Want My Children to Know  

Chapter 49    My Sons Are Jewish


Epilogue Wine for Elijah



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